“Solidarity, Sandoval”

by on February 24, 2006

Dear Editor:

Geraldo Sandoval’s column on January 23rd where he states that the media frenzy over his comments on Fox News advocating the abolition of the military were “unwarranted” shows that he still doesn’t get it.

While his comments in no way justify the racist and bigoted responses he has received from some, his comments were equally irrational and nonsensical. The reason the media is focusing on this is that five years after the worst attack in American history, the largest city on the East Coast attacked and partially destroyed, the nations capitol attacked and partially destroyed and 3000 Americans slaughtered, a supervisor of a city which itself is still a target would advocate such a ludicrous policy.

Liberalism should not by synonymous with irrationality. Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John Kennedy all advocated progressive policies, but also believed in a strong military to defend the country and to defeat evil when it posed an obvious threat. Pacifism in the wake of Al Qaeda is suicide. Sandoval’s comments are even more ironic in that feminists, gays and other groups that make up the so-called progressive coalition would be the first to be put to death under the strict interpretation of Islam advocated by Al Qaeda. Sandoval and others like him need to wake up.

Mr. E.F. Sullivan, San Francisco


Best of luck with the campaign. I’m a night porter, (part-time) in Butler House here in Ireland, and hoping to go to Paris soon, jobseeking. I’ll help in any way I can, and I know I can rely on your support in my own endeavours.

“Amandla” as they used to say in South Africa.

Gary Lynch

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