Side-by-Side Chart Shows How AB 1407 Guts California’s LifeLine

by Randy Shaw on August 27, 2013

Following last week’s meeting of the California Public Utilities Commission’s Low Income Oversight Board, an aide to Governor Brown provided a chart showing a side-by-side comparison of how California’s LifeLine program would change under AB 1407. It is not a pretty picture. Among the lesser known current features that AB 1407 eliminates is free unlimited access to 911 calls, free access to 800 or 800-like toll free services, free unlimited incoming calls, and no deposit to establish service. The bill’s impact on low-income phone users is far more sweeping and destructive than commonly known, which is why a growing coalition of groups including SRO tenants, CREDO action, the Coalition for Economic Survival, TURN and many others are fighting the measure (this pressure led the Senate to suspend the bill but it remains alive). The chart can be accessed by clicking on this sentence.

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