SF DCCC Campaigns; More on NUHW Conflict …

by on May 27, 2010

To the Editor:

The idea that an organization like AHA would endorse a DCCC candidate automatically if he or she gives them funding for a mailer sounds very corrupt. Basically, they are paying for advertising, and advertising only — and it should be ethically and legally recognized as such.

However, Paul, I’m not sure that Scott Wiener is wasting money by sending you and others an expensive DCCC mailer, despite not living in District 8. He, Rafael Mandelman, and Debra Walker DEFINITELY want as many votes as possible for their DCCC races. Esp, Raffi and Scott: The first thing I’m going to look at on June 8th is to see who got more votes between the two of them.

Kevin Bard
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I am a long time (15 years) worker at Kaiser Permanente. I have been involved in union activities for about 12 years and was one of the executive board members that were ousted by the at least illegal trusteeship imposed to our,then very progressive, active SEIU-UHW local by the running away rat Andy Stern and company. Needless to say, I am one of the founders of NUHW (National Union of Healthcare Workers) new progressive and faster growing union.

I experience everyday the union-employer collusion, the SEIU-UHW zombie attacks, hostility, intimidation and uneducated ways. But what is worse is the fear that they have instilled into the EVS workers that have been told that is seen talking to NUHW organizer they will lose their jobs and the SEIU-UHW zombies are in the look to report workers that talk to NUHW and get them in trouble, the union working with management to intimidate workers. How pathetic, but our time will come and we will up hold our right to choose righfully elect union leaders. Great article!

Roberto Alvarez
Whittier, CA

To the Editor:

The despised anti-union strategy and tactics being used by SEIU-UHW is despicable and shameless. Eliseo Medina is a callous traitor and money hungry opportunist who sold his soul to Andy Stern, and is now the puppet of Mary Kay Henry. Medina, Regan and Henry can’t mobilize or win a fair election of Kaiser workers without colluding with management and using intimidation and coercion against NUHW supporters. Even then, the best SEIU-UHW can hope for is that Kaiser workers vote no union and this does not seem likely.

The fact that Mary Kay Henry, Eliseo Medina and Dave Regan are colluding with members and management to attack and attempt to prevent Dolores Huerta from speaking out and supporting NUHW is the epitome of a rogue union that will use any means possible to prevent the inevitable. California’s healthcare workers overwhelmingly support NUHW, simply because NUHW has a proven track record of fighting for members and winning some of the best contracts in the country. On the other hand, SEIU-UHW is known for making backroom deals with management and are more interested in gaining union dues than anything else.


Francisco Martinez
Oakland, CA

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