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by on September 17, 2009

To the Editor:

Max Baucus is the rule, not the exception – get a clue. The Democratic Party is a franchise operation driven by wealthy candidates. The Dem’s platform is a joke, and is duly ignored by candidates.

One can run as a Democrat pandering to liberal/progressive voters of color in urban centers or pandering to racist rural and suburban whites – it’s no problem. There’s only one qualification – access to money.

The U.S. doesn’t have a party driven political system, so the party a politician picks is practically meaningless and almost always an opportunist decision. It’s only registered voters that the Dem’s program matters to, while the politicians laugh all the way to the bank.

Jonathan Nack

To the Editor:

I wish to reassure Dave Harper I have no intention of becoming a politician or medical doctor, thus making “life rendering decisions” for him. Too bad he’s apparently so busy making life rendering decisions he managed to trivialize the debate with wholly ad hominem dismissals.

I appreciate the modest feedback I get, and this fits that bill. I prefer when critics actually explain what’s behind their intellectual teabagging. That’s “Dr. Drivel” to my fans.

Robert Becker, Ph.D.

To the Editor:

What you fail to mention in your partisan look at this issue is that the No on 1 side has been bringing in out of state volunteers for over a month, and receiving contributions from out of state interest groups for longer than that. In fact, if you’ll look at this link,

You’ll see a No on 1 fundraiser being held in Washington, DC, with a long list of political bigwigs. Of course, though, ALL of them are native Mainers, and so are all the guests, right? They MUST have chartered a bus to bring all of their supporters down to DC, because, as we all know, the No on 1 side NEVER uses out of state help, resources, or interest groups, right? Right??

Doug King

To the Editor:

I hate to ring a cynical note when such a wonderful sounding movie is in the offing. And, certainly Michael Moore has shown himself to be masterful in his writing and his former movies, exposing our nasty capitalistic/imperialistic system for what it is. I fully expect to be watching it just as soon as possible.

Yet, I do have to say that the public’s memory surrounding this kind of political consciousness has been profoundly short. The comment that you make in the article about it being the activist’s job to take up the torch and run with it, organizing vociferously, is really our one chance for real and lasting change. Liberals need to take a fierce lean to the left, and the left has to take full advantage of that lean.

Ed Willard
San Francisco

To the Editor:

You are right on when you are pointing out how that it only took two meetings with this guy, Garrido, for TWO WOMEN officers to know something was not right and it took HOW MANY MALE officers to say, “Oh, he seems fine to me.”?

Never mind Garrido’s car that he used to kidnap Jaycee was sitting in his yard. So what that someone called 911 to tell them everything they needed to know to bust this guy. The bottom line is the majority of men don’t care because they do not understand what it must be like or is like to be taken advantage of, raped or to be made to have a child with a person half your age by force. You see a lot of them, even in the law enforcement, can not have the compassion and concern that women have because the likeliness of that happening to them is a low percent.

I do believe it took this long to arrest Garrido again. Look how long it has taken for women to be taken seriously in the work force today. Whether men do or not ladies it is time to take note from these to GREAT WOMEN officers and look out for the monsters out there because if we wait for the men officers to or our judicial system to do so, we will be waiting at least 18 years or more. Just like poor little Jaycee Dugard had been.

We need more women on these cases dealing with spousal abuse, rape, child molestation etc. There are just things that women are needed to “get the job done.” It took God given womens’ intuition to get this job done thanks to officers Ally Jacobs and Lisa Campbell, Jaycee will not have to spend another year with her parents wonder if the police are really doing all they can. Good job ladies, another one for the girls!!!!

Jane Lawhon

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