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by on August 4, 2010

To the Editor:

As registered nurses, we are required to advocate for our patients not just at the bedside but in the community. CPMC’s master plan to downsize St Luke’s in the Mission and build a mega hospital at Cathedral Hill is not good for our patients – especially the immigrant community and patients without insurance. Van Ness Ave is already one of the busiest traffic corridors in the City. It’s disgraceful that SEIU-UHW would sell out patients of San Francisco in order to gain ‘protection’ for its members’ jobs. SEIU-UHW is business unionism at its finest!

Eileen Prendiville
San Rafael, CA

To the Editor:

How fast can you say ‘corporate whore’? We already know that SEIU has no shame; that it will sell out working people and its progressive allies in a heartbeat in order to ingratiate itself with the union busting bosses who allow its so-called ‘organizers’ to roam their hospitals intimidating workers who want to join a real union.

To me, the question is, where are the other unions on this? Will they stand up and confront SEIU? Where’s the AFL-CIO? And what about the CNA: while it’s on the right side of the fight to stop Sutter and keep St.Luke’s open, it has an ongoing ‘organizing partnership’ with the very same SEIU that stands against everything the CNA claims to stand for.

Maybe it’s cynical on my part to point out that until the emergence of the NUHW, SEIU and CNA were in open warfare — and CNA had rendered material assistance to NUHW. But then it became convenient for SEIU and CNA to enter into their ‘strategic organizing partnership,’ and CNA aid to NUHW stoppped.

No wonder the US labor movement is losing. With labor leaders like these, who needs union-busters? I can hear the laughter in the corporate board rooms.

Charlie Ridgell
Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

The majority of California’s health care workers have clearly read SEIU-UHW’s real intent. The total support and collusion with the bosses at all major hospitals within the state. UHW has tossed in the garbage any semblance of the ethics and progressiveness it once held. UHW is indistinguishable from the extreme right-wing forces that have endorsed the Republican Party. Go Red! Kick the Purple gang of thugs out of California!

Francisco Martinez
Oakland, CA

Dear Tommi:

Why don’t you worry about things that are going in San Francisco and stay out of Tennessee Politics?

John Shorter
Nashville, TN

To the Editor:

Funny how Tommi Avicolli-Mecca seems aghast that a Tennessee gubernatorial candidate would put his religion (not faith, but religion) ahead of the Constitution and speak openly of secession. Many fundamentalist Christians bear loyalty only to their warped and selfish vision of Jesus, and think nothing of committing treason in pursuit of their vision of creating a fundamentalist state in America.

We shouldn’t be surprised by all of this; but we should be prepared.

Joe Morse
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Your argument speaks more to the percentage of Asians in baseball compared to the percentage of Spanish speaking players and personnel. A Hispanic player will assimilate much easier because our country has a large percentage of Hispanics here already, and many team members will speak Spanish to ease his transition. Not the case with Asians, who on most teams would be the only one speaking his language. Asians don’t speak Asian — they speak many separate languages. Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese all speak differently. Ozzie Guillen should stick to managing his baseball team, while speaking Spanish to many of his players.

Joe Lepore
Winter Springs, FL

To the Editor:

Yes, I do believe what Ozzie is saying has happened, and is happening. We saw the movie, Sugar … and unfortunately, it rang true. Our oldest son’s Godfather played in the major leagues (David Concepcion) and we saw first hand what the language barrier is all about. I have never thought about why Dice K (Red Sox) has an interpreter but that new Latin players coming up did not have one … but now that OG put it out there … Why is that?

It is a shame … a downright shame that there are not interpreters for them as well.

Debbie Gibson
Loveland, OH

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