SEIU and Kaiser vs. NUHW; ADA 20th Anniversary; Effective SF Board of Supervisors …

by on July 27, 2010

To the Editor:

It is extremely disturbing that Kaiser and SEIU are collaborating in an anti-union effort to defeat NUHW at all cost. SEIU-UHW is desperately fighting to keep its monopoly and domination of the health care industry in California. From all indications, however, SEIU is not having much success with their devious endeavor. Health care workers throughout California are fighting back,and winning World War III.

California health care workers can see and feel the despicably corrupt strategy and tactics being used by SEIU and their equally despicable ally – Kaiser. California health care workers continue to be viciously attacked and assaulted by the SEIU thugs – with the approval of Kaiser management. SEIU will lose World War III! The bad guys usually do. NUHW RISING! UNITE HERE RISING! SEIU-UHW DIMINISHING!

Francisco Martinez
Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

Thank you for calling out Kaiser on their union-busting partnership with the corrupt SEIU.Perhaps, when the NUHW was founded and many started calling SEIU a company union, some folks felt that maybe there was a bit of hyperbole involved. Well, the exposure of Kaiser’s widespread collusion with SEIU in violating their own employees right to choose their own union should certainly settle the matter. What continues to bother me is the deafening silence from leaders of other unions, the media and so-called progressive politicians. Does anyone of these have the courage to call out SEIU? Are they all bought off?

Charlie Ridgell
Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

The struggles of HERE Local 2 and NUHW are somewhat related but not really, in my opinion. The only connection that I can see is that the two (2) unions are helping each other to defeat SEIU‑UHW which is the former union of the dessident leaders and staff of NUHW at Kaise Permanente decertification fight. HERE Local 2 has its own contract fight against the major hotels. SEIU‑UHW is holding its breath to keep Kaiser members, otherwise the whole union will crumble to the ground without the support of kaiser member, the biggest chapter it has. This whole mess is a creation of former SEIU National President Andy Stern who abandoned the union after seeing that the war in SEIU California the union’s Afghanistan war.

Andres Bonifacio
San Francisco

To the Editor:

While I can applaud the Americans with Disabilities Act, I can also point to a likely violation by the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority. The Transit Effectiveness Project eliminated and shortened bus runs, making it difficult for those with handicaps and severe diseases to access public transportation. Two glaring examples are the elimination of the 26 Valencia bus line which dropped people off in front of St. Luke’s Hospital and the shortening of the 2 Clement bus line, forcing people to walk a block to either Geary or California St. after the run stopped at Park Presidio Avenue. MTA calls these obstacles to the physically impaired “challenges.” I wonder if this is not illegal, potentially subjecting MTA to a lawsuit.

Herbert Weiner
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I am a woman of 83, and live primarily on Social Security. I am very hearing impaired and have been for several years. On June 21, I lost control of my car and went down a ravine 30 feet. Luckily, I am alive to tell the tale. My hearing has been effected and now I am not hardly able to communicate with the outside world. Since Govenor Paterson decided this disability was not valid, NY State no longer can be relied on for assistance and I remain in an isolated silent world.

Lynn Parker
Phoenicia, NY

To the Editor:

Randy Flemings’ comments regarding the SF Board of Supervisors are repugnant. This kind of hate speech must be called out. Dan White was a murderer and obviously sick, but whatever he was he was not the ‘last decent native San Franciscan.’

Sam Dodge
Brooklyn, NY

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