SEIU and Kaiser Campaign; the Mass Right-Wing Echo Chamber …

by on September 8, 2010

To the Editor:

The over 2,000 out-of-state folks that SEIU has imported to California, as well as the predicted 40 million dues dollars SEIU will spend on its campaign of fear, lies, and assault to defeat NUHW. Message to Dave Regan and Mary Kay Henry: You’re going to lose the election, and your sweetheart deals with Kaiser management will backfire on you. Your days in California will come to an end by December. Merry Christmas, and good riddance! California deserves a democratic union that will fight for workers’ rights, for better pay and a union that is member-led — just like NUHW!

Francisco Martinez
Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

Mass media, which supports President Obama, Democrats, the liberal wing of corporate America, and progressive reformers, are doing their thing. Their tit-for-tat infantile tactics are mirrored by the Republicans. IMHO, no worse, no better. It’s a hallmark of the two party system.

The problem the liberal and progressive mass media are currently experiencing is that their narrative isn’t resonating with the public well anymore, because folks are smart enough to know that they’ve failed to live up to their rhetoric of “change.” President Obama is the most talented Democratic Party politician I’ve ever seen, but an awful lot of air has escaped from his rhetorical balloon.

Unfortunately, the Republican media’s narrative resonates with folks better at this point – that things are really terrible and Obama’s and the Democrats’ policies aren’t helping them. That’s all the message that’s needed in a two party system to sway the electorate in favor of the party out of power. You can work your ass off trying to put lipstick on the Democrats’ reforms to dress them up, but the masses are good at smelling the shit.

Jonathan Nack
Oakland, CA

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