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by on April 14, 2010

To the Editor:

This landlord is disgusting. And, it seems the activist judges are definitely NOT liberal! What is this guy’s problem? He will get his whole rent, only her portion will be affordable to her. What a disgusting pig!

Terrrie Frye
Section 8 Tenant
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Andy Stern’s retirement is the best thing that could happen to the labor movement. Stern and his cronies, those guys and gals who think they are the ‘smartest guys in the room’ (Enron groupthink) have left true trade union principles lying on the road, and are the archetypical corporatized unionists who understand that being junior partners to corporations is the new 21st Century face of trade unions in america.

Sal Rosselli represents what a true trade unionist is in America today. That is, the workers are the union, and all decisions rest in their hands. Stern and his ilk believe they know what’s best for workers, and that is why they are more comfortabe in corporate boardrooms making backroom deals than in union halls in front of members.

Rick Kepler
Barberton, OH

To the Editor:

Carl Finamore’s article is right on point. The SEIU’s lame duck leader, Andrew Stern, will be remembered as the guy who single-handedly caused the demise of democracy within California’s healthcare industry, and has potentially placed other unions in the same predicament because of the civil trial verdict regarding NUHW and SEIU-UHW.

SEIU-UHW’s scurilous and out-right lies regarding exactly what NUHW was found guilty of is despicable. They know perfectly well that even though they spent approximately ten million dues dollars to collect about $750.000 is absurd. If they consider this a victory then UHW will become bankrupt very soon.

But lets get to the real issue here. NUHW was given the opportunity to have the phony law suit dropped if they agreed to close its doors. What a ridiculous offer by the Zombie UHW organization. NUHW\’s reform leaders answer to the will of the workers — not to the appointed officials installed by Andrew Stern.

And let there be no doubt — NUHW will not pay a dime to the corrupt UHW officials. No no. NUHW will appeal the verdict if Judge Alsup does not set aside the guilty verdict. So bring it on, UHW. The reform leaders and the majority of California’s healthcare workers are ready to continue the civil war that Stern and his cohorts started.

Francisco Martinez
Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

This article is so much rubbish. While I have not attended a Tea Party yet, I strongly support the ideas. This has been building for years. The last balanced budget under Bill Clinton was fiction as the Social Security surplus (to pay for future retirees) was only mostly spent. The efforts at stimulus were in name only as most of the money was misdirected. Both my sons, my son-in-law, my brother, and my brother-in-law have lost their jobs since Mr. Obama has taken over. I should be happy about this?

To say that people that paid into Social Security for 45 years are wrong to think they deserve some payments is flawed logic. At the current rate of spending by the government, future obligations have us in a crisis situation. Bill Clinton ignored the problem. George W. Bush tried to make some changes to correct this, but 9/11 distracted him.

I know many people who support the tea parties. They are engineers, small business owners, highly educated and well read. For the media and the government to ignore the well reasoned concerns of these people is beyond belief. God help our country.

Pat Wetuski
Kingwood, TX

To the Editor:

I wonder, what would an atheist Justice say about famed atheist authors Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens attempts at arresting the Pope? I am most certainly for an atheist Justice. About damn time.

Antonia Noel
Palm Springs, CA

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