School Nutrition & Clueless Reporters; Crime in the Uptown Tenderloin …

by on January 24, 2011

To the Editor:

I can’t tell you how much we at Minneapolis Public Schools Nutrition Services appreciated your column. Tell the truth – exactly! Thanks for standing up for us! Great writing!

Rosemary Dederichs

To the Editor:

So far as I know, there is nothing preventing local jurisdictions such as San Francisco, with a median household income of more than $73,000, contributing more to the school meals program rather than waiting for more money from the federal government. The District of Columbia has done exactly that, recently approving a 10-cent increase in local fudning for both breakfast and lunch, as well as a 5-cent bonus for lunch meals that contain a locally grown component, even though our median household income is far less: $58,000.

The reduction in funding for the national school lunch program that occurred during the Reagan administration was presaged by Proposition 13 in California, which essentially capped real estate taxes. Since real estate taxes are the primary means of school funding, one wonders if some of the issues in California cafeterias are not self-inflicted. In fact, some communities are experiencing great successes in improving food service in their school by marshalling local resources. While it’s great sport to rail at Washington, solutions are more likely to originate on the local level.

Ed Bruske
Washington, DC

To the Editor:

While your piece is interesting and probably factually accurate, the reality of crime in the Tenderloin is real and present. I live there, I know. You only work there and are so invested in the dream of making the Tenderloin Uptown, that everything seems a slap to your activist face. There is lots of crime going on in the Tenderloin Mr. Shaw, including the crime of the conditions and treatment of the tenants you pimp in your activist dream. Whose charting Mr. Shaw’s boundaries? Who represents your misrepresentations?

Mark Throckmorton
San Francisco

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