“School Closures/MLK/Ted Kennedy”

by on January 17, 2006


Thank you very much for this article. My only suggestion for clarifiaction would be in the second-to-last paragraph, concerning the $345/mo figure. The bill, of course, has no mention of costs, and the $345 figure being quoted, largely by the Chamber, on only the SF Health Plan’s estimate of the cost for insuring City workers. As the paragraph now reads, it implies that the $345 figure is part of the legislation.

This, of course, is a very minor point in an otherwise great article, and thank you!

Michael Lyon


Regarding your article “Bravo, Ted Kennedy”, I’m sure the Mary Jo who died because Kennedy was too busy saving and covering his own ass after a night of booze and broads might differ. But, I digress. Did you not hear the audo excerpt of the THE BOSS (Fienstein) promting the near-comotose Kennedy to finish the promt/script he insisted on reading into the record at the hearings? Kennedy, Fienstien and Shumer are simply on a vendetta to smear the candidate by the old McCarthy trick of “guilt by association”. Did the Republicans drag Ruth Ellen Ginsberg’s ass throught the mud at HER confirmation? Even though her last job was with the Socialist group the ACLU? Please….fair is fair. Be a Liberal. Enjoy your right to your opinion. But do not praise a sorry embarrasment like Kennedy. It only hurts your cause.

Cheers from Suburbia
Mark Simons


Kudos to Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi’s efforts to save our schools. The Western Addition has already been particularly hard hit by school closures. A $5 million loan from the city will allow the school district more time to develop a more equitable long-term plan. School Board member Mark Sanchez also deserves credit for welcoming the involvement from Mirkarimi and other Supervisors. We must work together when advocating for our children.

Sincerely, Erika McDonald
San Francisco


You can keep printing all the lies that you want too, but I was there in person with 2 eyes, 2 ears, and extreme intelligence. I lived and grew up in Birmingham, Al. in the 50’s and 60’s. Most of you idiots that write this crap probably have never even seen Alabama, much less Birmingham. I have read this garbage and lies enough in my life time to make me puke. Why dont you so called journalist research and tell the truth for once. I happened to have been accosted by hooded scum calling themselves kkk, when i was only 9 yrs old for playing in my backyard in Birmingham,Al. with 2 little black boys. I was branded a Quote” Nigger Lover”, and they threatened to kill me and my 2 black friends if they ever saw us playing together again. So, out of fear i stayed away from my friends, but never once did i turn against my black friends, or become a racist, tho to this day, I despise anyone or anything associated with the kkk or any coward who doesnt have the guts to show his face, and hide behind a sheet and hood.

I watched my black friends go through some bad times, although i had to keep my distance for fear of the kkk, and believe me , they were really real then. But, i also saw all of the demonstrations in downtown Birmingham m and contrary to what you and all the others who wern’t there, there was plenty of violence from the marchers. The Birmingham police were trying to protect the marchers from the kkk, and at the same time trying to protect thenselves from the rioters, whom you and all the other idiots have always called peaceful demonstrators. I saw cars overturned, bricks, and molotov coctails being thrown at the police and through downtown store windows, police cars set on fire, and all the while the police was trying to prevent any further rioting. The fir hoses and dogs were a barrier that many crossed and that was the only way that the police could protect themselves without downright violent force ie: guns etc. I didnt like the police myself, but they were only doing what they were trained to do in riot situations.

So I saw first hand that these were not peaceful demonstrations as has always been reported, even tho i am glad that my friends did finally get their rights. I 1950’s Birmingham , if you were and adult and was seen with a colored person in town you would probably have been shot and the black man or woman hung. But at least if you are going to tell a story, tell the whole truth, but I can honestly say, if I had been a little colored boy in Birmingham, I would most likely have done the same thing. I will always believe that the only reason that the kkk didn’t kill us that day in 1954, was because we were only 8 years old at the time, and none of us had a clue to what we were doing wrong.I only wish I could have found out who it was when i grew up. Hey I even still remember my little friends names-Dee Dee, and Tommy. And I’ll bet you dont have the guts to print this because it is the truth, and you probably dont wont to hear the truth. I was also 3 blocks away in April of 1963, I lived 2 blocks away and heard a blast from the 16th St.Church, that is so famous today. Needless to say when i saw it that morning, i was very furious, and would have helped start a riot over it myself. I have always called it cowardly, gutless, and totally wrong, I hope the right people got justice over it , and if they didn’t, there will be a day of reckoning that they wont escape from. Then they will get their just rewards. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest after all these years.

Danny E., Stearns.

P.S. I did see MLK several times in those marches.

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