School Beat: Middle School, Student Assignment and Other “Problems”

by on February 17, 2009

To The Editor:

My daughter, now 23, had an education from almost every system you can
think of from home schooling, to public high school, and private school
in between. All these schools were based on different curriculum, and test
scores until her high school years were not an issue for the most part. At
that time they became ridiculous; fantastic teachers having to prove
themselves statistically for bureaucrats who seem to be far removed from
the process of education. Despite all their challenges in the public
school system here, in our small city of Portland, Maine ( one of which is
a very large resettlement population from Somalia and other war torn
African countries which created rich and great diversity-one of the main
reasons we chose this school over the other public HS), the teachers were
so dedicated and inspiring and pulled parents in. It made all the
difference no matter which school she attended.The involvement of the
parents and the community seems to be what makes for a great learning
experience. WHen they go to college they do not want ANY parental
involvement except for fund raisig. It was the best time of my life when I
participated in Oc\’s education.It is to me, in my experience, what makes
or breaks any school. McKinley was so fortunate that you chose them and
whoever gets to carry the torch- what an wonderful responsibility to
continue what you and Tim implemented by your example and leadership.
I really enjoyed your article.

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