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by on April 15, 2009

To the Editor:

I agree that African American and Hispanic children do not get the media coverage as white children. That is not right. Children are children, regardless of their race. That little black boy (Ajai) that has been missing since January in Florida has still not been found, and there was barely any media coverageon him except for Nancy Grace. Please step up and help our missing children. I have 4 children: one in college, one in high school, one in junior high and my baby is 8.

Paula McFadden

To the Editor:

Paul Krugman casts an unbiased eye on the state of our economy. He has the stature and poise to not swerve to whoever is in the White House. He championed Obama since the start, but when he saw people’s money being squandered for Wall Street and bankers he changed course and started to issue warnings and give advise. Why didn’t Geithner or Obama stood firm to denounces the stupendous amounts spent on bonuses before the popular outrage? Why is Bernanke in collusion with Geithner are printing paper (fiat) money as if there is no tomorrow? Maybe they believe in the theory of spontaneous generation?

Krugman time and again keeps repeating one thing that makes sense: If the taxpayers must share the risk then they must share the profit, and that should be on paper not dependent on trust. We should not be lost in the old jargon of Capitalism/Socialism, we should make it simple: If I buy it, I own it. Why did we rescue Washington Mutual just to see it stolen by JP Morgan? And Bear Stearns where is it? etc. etc. Maybe they are used to fooling the American taxpayers.

For me it is a miracle that the New York Times permits such dissenting voice to write that rare, clear, and precious article. Obama should read it and heed the very clear and very detailed course Krugman has in store. By the way how much our MUNI got from Stimulus money? Zero? How much did Obama give to public transit? For sure not the over 17 billion dollars given to cars? Is not that the same old? Didn’t Obama give a tax credit to car buyers? How much for us who ride public transit?

Naffis Griffis
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Mark Ryan, Ph.D., claims in his April 14 letter that JROTC is not a military recruitment program. Where does Johnny Wang dig up these people?

Okay, Mark and company, listen up, once again. “JROTC is one of the best recruiting devices we could have.” That’s what former Defense Secretary William Cohen has to say on the subject. Then there is former Army Chief of Staff General Eric Shinseki, currently the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, who testified before Congress that 30 percent of JROTC cadets end up in the military. And how about cadet Jason, who wrote on the pro-JROTC Facebook page that “Without JROTC, I would not be where I am today – a staff sergeant in the United States Army.”

Or read U.S. Army Recruiting Command Policy Memorandum 50, which unambiguously states that JROTC personnel are to “facilitate recruiter access to cadets in JROTC and … sell the Army story.” Or the federal regulations which state that the goal of JROTC is to create “favorable attitudes and impressions toward the Services and toward careers in the Armed Forces.”

Marc Norton
San Francisco

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