San Francisco’s Most Astonishing Quote of 2012

by Randy Shaw on July 25, 2012

“We needed to have a fresh start, and we want the association with the Market Street brand,” said Chris Maguire, CEO of Cypress Equities, which will develop the 260,000-square-foot project.” Maguire is renaming the former “City Place” shopping center on Market Street between 5th and 6th as “Market Street Place.” City Place, approved by the Planning Commission in July 2010, wisely avoided association with troubled Market Street. It promised an exciting urban shopping experience, not a trip down a street associated with vacant storefronts and public inebriates. That only two years later the project’s new developer wants to identify with Market Street, and sees this as part of a “fresh start” and positive rebranding, is beyond remarkable. It is an astonishing tribute to the widespread faith in Mid-Market’s transformation barely a year after tax exemptions were granted to improve the area.

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