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by on April 18, 2008

To the Editor:

You people [i.e., San Francisco] are the ones the rest of us liberals hold out as the bastion of our cause. Please, [SF Chronicle], have the self-respect to be unashamed of it.

The right wing of our country has had a history of such shameful policy positions and stunningly poor governance that no liberals, or left-leaning regions, should feel anything but pride for their stances during the wilderness years. The left by-and-large has taken the correct positions on substantive issues, and now of all times, we need to be unhindered by the rising whine on the right.

And by the way, Barack Obama seems not to have suffered an iota for speaking the truth about the deep bitterness that infects our country, maybe because the tired methods of distraction using media sensationalism on wedge issues have worn thin.

David A. Hunter
Charlotte, NC

To the Editor:

The reason the Chronicle felt free to bash San Francisco is that it is simply not a San Francisco paper. Its owner, Hearst Communications, is a New York company. Moreover, the Chronicle’s owner has said publicly that he wants the paper to expand into the suburbs, and it even got rid of its one progressive columnist, Stephanie Salter, several years ago because it thought she would offend conservative suburban readers.

Like all else with the corporate media, the purported home town of a newspaper is usually a delusion. The San Francisco Chronicle no more represents the interests, ideals, or feelings of the majority of San Franciscans than George Bush does.

Jeff Hoffman
San Francisco

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