Rush Limbaugh & the Right; Maids and Academy Awards …

by on March 8, 2012

To the Editor:

First, Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke was not allowed to testify at the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing on infringement of religious liberty and contraceptive mandates. No other women testified at this hearing. After all, who cares what women think about contraception?

She was then invited to appear before House Democrat members where she argued in favor of requiring all private insurance plans — including religious institutions — to provide contraception coverage. In response, Russ Limbaugh berated Fluke using the term “slut” for three days on his radio show.

As an unofficial spokesperson for the GOP right wing, he is only saying out loud what too many right wingers believe. I for one hope Limbaugh is allowed to continue his despicable, misogynist rants and thereby greatly help the “Women for Obama” campaign initiative. Obama won 56 percent of the women’s vote in the last election and if women voters are paying attention, Limbaugh and his ilk should help increase this percentage in November.

Judi Iranyi
San Francisco

To the Editor:

While I agree with the theoretical aspects of the arguments about “the Help,” I also know what the experience of being a nanny and a maid is about. I worked my way through college as a domestic. I actually enjoyed “The Help,” if for no other reason than it portrayed white women as they were — shallow, social climbing and pseudo religious.

I object a great deal more to the works of Tyler Perry. I am both fascinated and appalled at the many black artists who claim his work to be the quintessential black cultural expression. I can only wish that our ire is directed at the negative images permitted in popular music (?) that affect the image of blacks so completely, especially our children.

Lets place our objections where they belong, not toward a novel that is the right of the writer to speak for her own experience. Does anyone remember all the hoopla about “The Color Purple”? I do.

Minnijean Brown Trickey
Little Rock, AR

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