Rooting for the Hometown Team; More on the Koch Brothers …

by on October 28, 2010

To the Editor:

Re: “Giants Tranfix San Francisco” (BeyondChron, October 25, 2010) and “‘I Heard That’: Giants/Texas Rangers Kick Off Play Today” (BeyondChron, October 27, 2010), my son Minh Jeffrey never gave up on the Giants, his hometown team, and his patience was rewarded. He and I had gone to many Giants games over the last dozen years, but each time the opposite team prevailed.

In September, my son called me after school to invite me to go with him to a Giants game against the Diamondbacks that evening, where he and his schoolmates were going to sing the National Anthem for the second year in a row. He said, “Dad, please give the Giants another chance! They have a new team this year!” I couldn’t say “no” to this invitation from my son, and both of us were amply rewarded!

As someone who grew up on Detroit Tigers baseball (’68 World Series), this year’s World Series will have extra special meaning for our family as we root for our home team!

Anh Le
San Francisco

To the Editor:

A horribly misleading piece. Ryan simply opposes the 1930’s‑era socialist agenda and tea‑partiers oppose the entrenched (a tact the left embraced in ’06 and ’08). As for Koch Industries, I worked for Charles and David for over twenty years. They are indeed principled, generous libertarians and our country could use a lot more like them. The candidates they support advocate less government intrusion in private lives, principles that apply well in all personal freedom issues.

You somehow confuse advocating personal freedom with status quo government intrusion. And the last thing that interests the Koch brothers is financing foreign wars.

I also ran with Gus diZerega, Mayer’s supposed deepthroat, in college. Those who denigrate Christine O’Donnell for witchcraft statements should embrace carefully Gus, an ardent wiccan, and a believer, now, then and forever, in socialism. So much for Mayer’s “legendary” credibility.

The administration’s principal problem is its intellectual arrogance. There’s nothing worse than self‑proclaimed geniuses claiming they have the answers for every problem in charge of government. Ed Clark turned over in his grave two years ago. What both he and the Koch brothers realized is that libertarianism needed to build a base of principles before it built a political party. The left employed the same tactic in co‑opting the Democrat party over the past two decades.

In fact, the Koch brothers would have no problem if government exited completely pronouncements on abortion or drug development, drug wars or drug treatments, marriage between any two or more individuals and with whom one sleeps. Those are personal freedom issues, including the freedom of political candidates to hold their personal views on these questions.

Libertarian economics presents the best chance this country has to escape the present quagmire. It’s not a simpleton’s question of trickle up or trickle down, but that we lessen the government’s interference with the stream so that our economy trickles in both directions. Seldom have I read such a misguided misstatement of an opposition, even from the left.

Bill Pitcher
Pine, CO

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