“Republicans, JROTC, More Pelosi…”

by on November 20, 2006


The idea that the Republican’s were made to pay for their immigrant bashing in the last election, and that this result somehow indicates some kind of sea change on immigration on the part of Americans, is an easy conclusion to draw. A bit too easy.

Sure, Arizona voters turned out right-wing heart-throb J.D. Hayworth. But a little closer look reveals that…

1) The four referenda in AZ curbing illegal alien rights passed with over 70 percent support. 2) The 104-member Immigration Caucus lost a total of only 8 seats. 3) The two Colorado ballot initiatives also passed. 4) Many victorious Democrats campaigned as tough immigration enforces.

I’m afraid that any supposed “change of heart” on behalf of Americans

regarding illegal immigration is wishful thinking. And I for one am glad about it.

For myself, just 7 years after I was breathing tear gas and dodging rubber bullets on the streets of Seattle, I have totally given up on the progressive cause. To me, the progressive cause has morphed into

an intellectually dishonest, politically-correct exercise in the complete denial of reality. I have become completely sick with the passive-aggressive cowards of this movement, who like to refer to themselves as “tolerant,” of those who – in the words of Wilhelm Reich – “Steal where they are being given, and Give where they are being robbed.”

Do you really honestly believe that George Bush came out supporting so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” as a capitulation to a resurgent Democratic Party? Don’t make me laugh! You are not that dumb! If there were any bones thrown here, it was to the usual folks

– Big Business – who you have now so willingly colluded with.

How is it “progressive” to side with George Bush and Big Business over lower class American citizens? How is it “progressive” to herald the return of indentured servitude – if not out and out slavery – for the millions of illegal aliens already here and the tens of millions who are coming (SOON)?

And finally, let me ask you the same question I have posed to Pelosi,

Feinstein, Boxer, Arnie, and others… maybe YOU can respond to this….

Do you really believe that California can handle 25 million more people in the next 20 years – virtually all of them uneducated, unskilled, with very little knowledge of American democratic values or even the English language – without catastrophic and irreversible damage to the State’s environment, health care system, economy, and quality of life?

David Karner
San Francisco, CA

Hi Randy,

I live in Los Angeles now, I just moved here a month ago. After living in the south for most of my life I would have to say that this article you wrote is on the mark when it comes to politics and race in the south. Racism in the south is such a way of life there that many folks just don’t see themselves as racist. To them a racist is someone that beats or kills another person because of their race. They don’t consider the other part of racism to really be legitimate concerns. Like not hiring somebody based on race or arresting them based on race. Or schooling them differently because of their race.

I remember when I first moved to Central Florida I was 9 and the year was 1987. The kids in class asked me “Are you a Yankee or a Rebel”, Being born in Texas I was okay, I wasn’t a yankee. Growing up watching this same mentality blossom into hate, fear and race riots in high school I was disgusted. Not to mention that many of the African Americans in the south have become so used to being discriminated against that they too consider some levels of racism as necessary evils to the point where they too have strong racist feelings against their white and still very segregated neighbors.

Regardless of the white and black unity that has been felt in some way or another throughout other parts of the nation, the south continues to be an area of separatism in this country that truly sees themselves as being able to eventually succeed and create a nation of white hate.

Recently with the explosion of the Latino race in Central Florida there has been a backlash of race related attacks against Hispanics. Usually instances where a few guys will find one lone Hispanic and attack him. Never a fair fight- not with racists, cause their all cowards.

Many of the Hispanics in Central Florida are from Puerto Rico. But if you ask your typical southern man in private his response will usually be

“Their all wetbacks to me.”

If you take a look at the history of this country for a minute or two you’ll see that the Latino’s didn’t just get here. They came over before the Anglo’s. When you take Florida as an example you’ll see that St. Augustine Florida, “The Nations Oldest City” is also a Spanish built city with much of its buildings and a castle/fort still in place. Google “Castillo de San Marcos” (One of the most beautiful cities in Florida by the way.) Spanish influences much of this nations history but some degenerates can’t think about history. There’s just too many facts involved for them.

Well here’s a bit of history repeating itself.

The civil war we had in the late 1800’s will be continued if we don’t call on the south for true reform and true unity. Till then they will just continue to do what they can to make it look good on paper but as for making our country better for all its citizens, this is not in the heart of many traditional southern men.

Robert Simental


I have to say that I have not been a reader in the past, but I enjoyed this piece. My take on the Pelosi nomination participation has a little different slant in that, Pelosi owed Jack Murtha. He’s got some skinned knees – real or virtual – but, after this, he has nothing to hold over her. He was the last big ‘owe’ or ‘loyalty’ issue she had.

Whether Hoyer and Pelosi ever got along or get along isn’t an issue. He’s a magnet for calm and voice of reason – she’s Head of Household. The personality issues will not interfere – the perspectives will broaden the vision and unify the members. With this team, they all have a seat at the table.

Pelosi did a smart thing, took the heat for it and never has to say a word. She owes nothing to anyone and she is now free to make her decisions openly and without burden or tarnish. Those that vocalize that there will be appreciation for their support of her nomination should think twice about any damage that could cause to all. If I read this right, it certainly will not be favorable for those who have proven they are ‘gaming’ when 2008 rolls around.

Sara Starkey


Hmmm….. Sen. Byrd, D-WV is the only Klansman in the Senate, and last time I checked, he was a Democrat. I tend to keep track of these things because the Klan tried to lynch my grandfather and his father-in-law for not obeying the Klan line and refusing to leave Eastern Colorado.

Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, et al oppose tuition vouchers for children caught in completely failed inner city schools – yet their children tend to attend lily-white private schools. Guess they’re afraid that if they let those folks they’re supposedly so concerned about the color might rub off. Republicans favor this; Democrats don’t because they know that keeping poor people ignorant and undereducated keeps them dependent, obedient, and out of job fields coveted by social elites. Democrats aren’t particularly nice to working class Whites, either, come to think of it.

More African-Americans own their own homes now – as a percentage of the African-American population – than ever before; this is a change that has happened on Bush’s watch with a Republican majority in both houses of the Legislature.

More importantly, Bush has appointed African-Americans to be Secretary of State. I find it amusing that Democrats claim that Republicans are “tokenist” when the Democrats choose Alcee Hastings, Mr. Corruption himself, to chair an important House committee. It begins to look like they have no idea of where to find a competent African-American; perhaps they don’t know any African-Americans except those on the House janitorial staff.

Legalizing illegal immigrants? Not really popular with the working class of any color – except for some, not all, Latinos from Mexico and Centro. Unlike Nancy Pelosi with her non-union vineyards and wine country resort, we don’t need cheap servants. We would, however, appreciate it if the foreign gangsters were deported, and no more allowed in. I have been accosted in my own driveway and ordered to “pay my taxes” by a thug who’s English was so bad it took him several minutes to communicate to me that he expected me to pay protection money to live in my own house. My neighborhood used to be middle class and diverse – Anglos, Latins, Filipinos, Vietnamese, African-Americans, American-Indians, and more. Now it is rapidly turning into an illegal immigrant gang-ridden slum; the first to leave were the respectable Latin immigrants; the next were the Latinos born here.

How does one tell that the thugs are illegal immigrants? Well, they brag about it for one thing; they tell you not to bother calling the cops because they’ll just make up a name and address and make bail and nothing will happen other than they will remember who called the cops and come and visit the caller.

Why in the world do members of the social elite think it is “enlightened” to permit in low wage third world labor for “cheaper goods and services”? Why in the world call in more non-union, subscale under the table labor while simultaneously clamoring to raise the minimum wage? Just what drugs are you guys on, anyway? If you look at the number of jobs allegedly held by illegal aliens, and compare them with the number of unemployed Americans you will find a very ugly symmetry. And it gets uglier when you seem employers be quite open about replacing Americans of all hues and religions with lower cost illegal immigrants. Even worse is the boss I know who fired all of her African-American employees because “the wetbacks don’t complain about the solvents and stuff.”

Nadja Adolf

Dear Editor,

In response to Tommi Avicolli Mecca’s story “Ousting JROTC: A San Francisco Value” I would like to ask him one question: When the next big earthquake strikes San Francisco, would he want the military to come to San Francisco to help provide relief after the disaster? Because if the answer is yes than he is being hypocritical in saying that he wants the military here when we need them but otherwise they are not welcome.

Mr. E. F. Sullivan, San Francisco

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