Renters Radio Co-Host Needed

by Keeeth of Renters Radio on February 11, 2009

The end of April this year will be the sixth anniversary of “Renters’ Radio” being on the air in the SF Bay. It is the ONLY program I know of that’s focused on housing justice struggles, around the Bay, week after week, and year after year!

The show got its start on San Francisco Liberation Radio, a legendary — but unlicensed — community-based, free-speech radio station targeted and silenced by the Feds, who stole all our equipment during a raid in October 2003. “Renters’ Radio” quickly found a new home at community-based, free-speech, (and fully-licensed!) KPOO-FM (89.5).

And we’re still there, still going strong. And we want to be there down the road, too, a vital part of the fight for the human right for ALL of us to enjoy decent, secure, and affordable housing.

That’s where YOU come in! It’s a big, big housing-justice world, all around the SF Bay and beyond. Many great organizations are based here, and there’s the stories of brave individuals, as well, all getting lost in the shuffle of the corporate media. No one person can cover it all! I need help!

There are no minimum qualifications for this volunteer job, except these:

A solid, long-term commitment to housing justice, based on an anti-racist and human rights perspective, that includes — but goes beyond — fixing and reforming the current housing “market.” The ability and desire to seek out and bring to the air stories and interviews on your own initiative — this is a co-host position, we’ll work together, share responsibilities, and airtime. I’m NOT the executive producer, and you won’t be one, either!

Women and people of color are encouraged to apply — and anyone that is interested, is encouraged to apply IMMEDIATELY.

To apply: leave a message, anytime, of any length, at 415.331.1500×111 and I’ll call ya right back. If you don’t have access to a phone at this moment, you can email me: rentersradio[at]kpoo[dot]co m Please include a phone numer in your email, as I’ll be responding by phone.

Keeeth, host of “Renters’ Radio”, KPOO San Francisco
89.5FM and (2nd and 4th Tu, 5-6pm)

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