Remembering Ronald Reagan

by on June 8, 2004

Dear Editor,

I remember when Reagan ran against Carter. I had been a non-voter for many years, having been disillusioned with the whole thing. People used to always tell me that I was a natural medium, and, having had some of the experiences I did, I was inclined to believe them (I could tell you stories! and not on acid either!) One day, I think I may have been making dinner or something, and something flashed in my mind. There weren’t really any words, but the message was clear enough – the worst thing that could happen to this country is that Ronald Reagan be elected president! Having finally learned to pay attention to these things, I immediately went out to register to vote.

I had just moved to a new place on the Russian River, and found the address of my voting place, but not being that familiar with the area, I had a hard time finding it. I came home from school at Santa Rosa Junior College, and proceeded to try to decipher the not very good map. As it turned out, the address was at a church up in the hills, reached via a narrow winding road through the woods, but by golly! I found it, and walked in at 7:55 pm. The elderly poll workers told me I was too late, they had already put everything away. I told them, among other things, that they had just better get everything back out again or they were going to see more trouble than they’d ever seen in their long lives. So I got to vote against Reagan, for all the good it did!!

I still remember when he was governor, and people went to Sacramento to complain about the indiscriminate cutting of the redwood trees, where he uttered his famous line – “What’s everyone getting so excited about. If you’ve seen one redwood tree, you’ve seen ’em all.” He sometime later said basically the same seen one seen ’em all thing about something else, and I’ve forgotten what that one was about over the years. Can anyone jog my memory?

Well, good bye Ronnie, and thanks for nothing.

By the way, before his death, my brother was friends with Jane Wyman whom he met while living in Bel Air, CA.

Peace, for goodness sakes!,

Terrie Frye

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