Regional Transit Bodies; Who Pays Local Taxes …

by on July 31, 2012

To the Editor:

Re: your article about San Francisco getting screwed on regional transit bodies, such as MTC and BART. San Francisco has two members of the BART Board. Where has James Fang been through all of this?

Edward Siwel
San Francisco

To the Editor:

In reply to Helene Dellanini’s assertion (July 25 letter to the editor) that property owners, not renters, are the ones who pay property taxes is incorrect. It is true only in the case of owner-occupied residences, but in the case of rental properties, the tenants, through their rent payments, are paying the taxes for their landlords. Property owners are no more citizens of the city than tenants, and they contribute no more financially. As such, their voice in the development of future projects should be proportionate to their numbers, not the amount of their property tax receipts.

Edward Richter
Oakland, CA

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