Recovery Act Sends California $1 Billion in HUD Funding

by on February 26, 2009

(Ed note: HUD sent us these instructions for online access to HUD allocations by community)

HUD announced the formula grants from the new Recovery Act signed last week. California gets just over $1 billion, and there is a website to track the dollars to each community and under each program. San Francisco, for example, is getting about $17 million to develop public housing (not rehab, but new public housing – something we haven’t paid for in years), and about $8 million in homeless programs. There are millions more in rental assistance, lead/healthy homes, CDBG programs, and so forth.
Here’s how you can drill down to the information.

Go to

Then go to each specific program area, such as Public Housing.

Scroll down on that page to get to the link for “information by state”

What opens then is an excel file alphabetical by state, and then alphabetical within the state for every jurisdiction and the dollar amount it gets.

One has to do this on a program-by-program basis to get the specific funds under each program for local communities. If you just jump from the main page to the link at the bottom for “information by state” you only get the statewide totals and not the breakdown by community.

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