“Recapturing the Vote”

by on November 18, 2004

Although I do agree with you that progressives have to do something to recapture the poor white vote, pandering to religion seems dangerous, especially if people think that it is insincere. Also, wouldn’t Democrats run the risk of angering their base if they would make the moves that you are suggesting. I feel that the message about religion has to be on the lines of liberation theology. A protestant version of liberation theology in which the hypocrisy of the right is made visible.

I was watching NOW on PBS which had this amazing Catholic
nun/Progressive advocate who was talking about this exact thing and her message was that there is a disconnect within the Christian right between individual morality and societal morality, and this glaring difference needs to be the rallying call. She used abortion to demonstrate what she was talking about. She distinguished between pro-birth and pro-life with the difference being that pro-life means not only wanting the child to be born, but ensuring that once the child is born they are ensured an education, adequate health care, and the prospect a relatively good life, using government as the assurance that these things are possible. This nun, who is pro-life managed to reach out to the religious right without compromising her progressive ideals. The ten commandments, prayer in school and faith based funding are all just part of the rights move towards a more radical agenda, by pandering to the right I feel that Democrats stand to lose more than they will gain.


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