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by on October 14, 2010

To the Editor:

There is a reason that UN Plaza cannot have “outdoor yoga” and such: bad behavior. Just a few days ago, a local exercise studio held an outdoor class on the bricks of Market Street. In 60 minutes, the class was subjected to 5 separate battery incidents – most of which are recorded on camera. Two of the perpetrators are well known to me, and the source of countless other assults. People will not come back to face such abuse.

David Addington
Mid-Market property owner
San Francisco

To the Editor:

With so much talk about the Manhattanization of San Francisco, we here have no intention of doing “Manhattanization” to that extreme scale. What you propose is a modest improvement of open and currently unusable space. I’m sure the area will be in great support of this effort.

Byron Yee
San Francisco

To the Editor:

How about a kind of glaze over the bricks? If this is done across the U.N. Plaza, then we’ll have the materials and know who a landlord can contact, to have the same or even more artistic variations of this work done to their buildings. This would bring up the equity on the buildings, save them money by going through the city, and beautify a lot of our alleyways.

Josh Gowan
San Francisco

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