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by on April 29, 2011

To the Editor:

Randy, awesome piece! Amen on the point that Bruce Raynor did not adequately support the grassroots efforts on the Nike campaign. I met with him a couple of times in NYC and was never impressed.

Jim Keady
Spring Lake, NJ

To the Editor:

Bruce Raynor is a Honest Person who supports and fights for the Working Class. Your story is completely untrue. Please get the facts right before you decide to write about someone. Bruce Raynor heart is in helping the less fortunate. We should praise his efforts instead of praising hear say …

New York

To the Editor:

Thank you, Randy, for putting it all in writing. These are the dirty little secrets that we all know and that the anti-worker groups easily exploit. But nobody dares to say it aloud, for fear of offending somebody else in the various royal families. The double- and triple-dipping of salaries by these guys and their lack of any real progress is a disgrace. In this era of “new normal” economic expectations for all of us, this sickness has to stop … and sunlight like your article is the best disinfectant!

Harvey Reid
Hollywood, CA

To the Editor:

I personally credit new SEIU President Mary Kay Henry for cleaning SEIU house and the ouster of Bruce Raynor. Raynor’s affiliation with SEIU brought so much chaos and turmoil within the union. Former SEIU President Andy Stern brought him into SEIU as a way to access UNITE’s assets, particularly the Amalgamated Bank and an easy expansion of union membership. It was a big mistake! Both Stern and Raynor have caused so much backlash in the American labor movement that deserves no place in labor history. Goodbye, Mr. Raynor. Go fishing!

Andres Bonifacio
San Francisco

To the Editor:

My wife and I just returned from a week-long visit to Charleston, SC where most everyone decries the NLRB lawsuit against Boeing. South Carolina sees the lawsuit as not just about Boeing or South Carolina, but as a direct political assault on right-to-work states. As Senator Jim DeMint put it, “It’s one of the worst cases of administration thuggery that I could imagine.” Standing alongside DeMint when he said this were Senator Lindsey Graham, Governor Nikki Haley, Rep. Tim Scott, and Charleston Mayor Joe Riley. As they explained, right-to-work status is necessary to attract new business, given the state’s high unemployment rate.

These politicians are unapologetically pro-business and anti-union. They want cheap, docile non-union labor. At the same time the Boeing-NLRB rhubarb is going on, Charleston is observing the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, which will last for four years. Remember, South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union and the first shot of the Civil War was aimed at Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor. The irony is that South Carolina and most of the South’s economy was built on the backs of slaves, who for the most part were cheap and docile.

Ralph E. Stone
San Francisco

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