Ramesh Patel; Whistleblowers; Obama Conspiracies …

by on August 26, 2010

To the Editor:

Great article. Ramesh, you are missed and loved. Please be peaceful in your next journey.

Darryl Conney
San Diego

To the Editor:

I am good friends with Rameshbhai Patel‘s son, Satish. Rameshbhai was a great individual who did make great strides within the community and beyond. We have lost a great Man. I know, he will not end his good deeds here on Earth, as he will take them to another “level.” We will truly miss you, Rameshbhai.

Vinod Patel

To the Editor:

When you don’t like the message, attack the messenger. I recommend the documentary, “The Most Dangerous Man in America,” about the personal cost to Daniel Ellsberg for doing the courageous thing by disclosing the so-called Pentagon papers.

Ralph Stone
San Francisco

To the Editor:

You would think albeit President of the United States, Obama would not have to prove his birth country of origin or his religion, which is no ones business as far as I’m concerned. As long as he is not out to hurt anyone.

Elise Williams
San Francisco

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