Radio Show on Mid-Market Redevelopment

by tiny/PoorNewsNetwork/POOR Magazine on July 1, 2005

On KPFA’s Morning Show on 94.1 fm (or Tuesday July 5th @ 7:30 am will be dedicated to the Mid-Market Redevelopment effort which, if implemented, will have a direct impact on the very low and no-income residents of Downtown San Francisco (i.e, Mid-Market)-please tune in ( or hear the web stream all day by clicking on the “morning show” on to hear the powerful voices of truth at the Planning commission hearing on June 23rd and more.

PoorNewsNetwork(PNN) is a project of POOR Magazine, a non-profit, grassroots, arts organization located in the Mid-Market area (7th & MArket) and is dedicated to providing radical media access, arts and vocational education and advocacy to very low, no-income and houseless youth and adults. Go on-line to www.poormagazine for more information.

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