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by on January 8, 2010

To the Editor:

Calling Rachelle Chong a political hack, Paul? Takes one to call one. If you didn’t get a hearing for confirmation for a job, your progressive leader would’ve given you another job too.

Chris Chow
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Auditing the fed is the most sensible and desirable action I can think of that will restore my sense of the America I thought I knew. There is no other country for me, and I do want the political leadership to do what is in the best interest of the Main Street constituents. We are crying out for help, and it seems to inevitably get directed elsewhere as if we are unimportant and unaware. The banks are down right abusive to us in-spite of; the insurance companies as well. Thank You, Ron Paul, and all that support the passage of this bill.

Ehalid Dinkane
Gore Springs, MS

To the Editor:

The reason the New York Times Book Review has shifted to the right lies with the fact that the book review’s editor is Sam Tanenhaus, a staunch conservative.

Heath Madom
Queens, New York

To the Editor:

Please! You only ‘sabotage’ our progressive goals when you present an intellectual ‘ghetto’ of what should be included in journalism. I thought the idea of presenting both sides of an argument was the purpose of good journalism. Obviously, I’m out of date!

Ronald K. Phillips
Chicago, IL

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