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by on May 12, 2008

To the Editor:

You’ve really outdone yourself with your editorial on Proposition G – Lennar’s initiative to redevelop Bayview-Hunters Point. With all the money on one side of the issue, your substantive report puts balance back into the debate.

I have forwarded your report widely, and I hope your other readers will do the same in this otherwise quiet June Election. We need to pay attention, and you have done this on the Lennar issue in spades.

Charles Marsteller
Former Coordinator
Common Cause

To the Editor:

As a Chicago transplant to SF, I have many fond memories of Cubs games at Wrigley Field — the best and most beautiful ballpark there is. (Pac Bell Park is nice too). Our secret for getting in on the cheap was to show up at the park dressed like poor superfans (which we were) and stand around at the gates with puppy-dog eyes. Soon after the game started, the cops would sweep the area of scalpers and confiscate their remaining tickets, and usually just hand those tickets to us — sweet deal.

I hope and believe Chicago will save the historic name Wrigley. But this is important because of the long history and preservation of the park, not because of the possibility of “corporate” naming. William Wrigley Jr. changed the name of the field from “Cubs Park” in 1926, naming it after himself and his chewing gum company (and he put huge “doublemint twins” along the back wall). The park went through a few names since it opened in 1914, before the “corporate” moniker Wrigley stuck. The name will now and forever be associated with the park, perhaps more so than with chewing gum.

Ariel Gershon
San Francisco

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