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by on May 27, 2008

Paul Hogarth:

I would respectfully point out what I consider to be a glaring omission in your article. In a recent column by Richard Selna in the Chronicle, he referenced the city’s ‘gift of free land’ to Lennar. I would suggest that many local builders and developers would love to be the recipients of such largess, and could manage to turn a decent profit under such an arrangement, especially if our civic ‘leaders’ and financial institutions would be as willing to grease the wheels for small community business as they are for mega corporate privateers; support community generated projects and proposals; and end the redlining of Bayview Hunters Point.

Lennar, on the other hand, continues to plead poverty even when given the land, and spends millions in an attempt to deceive the voters. This is not unexpected given their precarious financial position; the expenses involved in defending themselves in numerous law suits for dubious and sub-standard business and construction practices; it has been reported elsewhere that this San Francisco landgrab may be their last best opportunity to tie up future development rights and subsidize their other failed or failing investments.

This ‘deal’ struck by Big Labor seems like yet another example of Union Bosses colluding with Corporations and Big Business for their own self interests at the expense of the workers and the people; similar to the one recently ‘negotiated ‘ between SEIU and the Nursing Home operators. So many of our local PooBahs and elected ‘representatives’ are so personallyinvested in this boondoggle that we probably have about as much chance of enforcing the provisions of this dubious deal as the Giants have of winning the World Series this year, apologies to the die-hard faithful.

Yesterday, we received the latest glossy mailer touting the fact that “Women Leaders of SF are United” in support of Lennar – repeating the typical deceit and misinformation. A truer statement would have read that these smiling sheep were in support of corporatisation, environmental degradation, gentrification, whitewashing, community displacement and relocation.

Let’s not get fooled again. We built this city, and can continue doing so given a level construction site, we dont needs these profiteers, especially if our ‘leaders’ would work for the general good and public welfare instead of private profits and their own self interests.

Shame on these five coiffed and rouged rogues: Dianne Feinstein, Sophie Maxwell, Kamala Harris, Carmen Chu and Michela Alioto-Pier.

Patrick Monk, RN
Noe Valley

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