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by on May 30, 2012

To the Editor:

Voters are smart. Despite the fact that Big Tobacco has dumped $46 million into the race, they are still behind. Yes on Prop 29 is still winning. $46 million bought them some points in the polls, but it couldn’t buy them a lead. Make no mistake, YES on Prop 29 means Big Tobacco will lose profits, many people will quit, and many will not even start. Vote YES on Prop 29 June 5th.

Matthew Foor
Chico, CA

To the Editor:

Many thanks to Lisa Schiff for her May 24, 2012 School Beat column, “What the Next School Year Holds in Store.”

In response to Ms. Schiff’s column, Cecelia Dodge, SFUSD’s former Assistant Superintendent of Special Education Services, wrote a letter to BeyondChron, stating that what Ms. Schiff has done was: “simplify the issue and subtly blame one person when the problems have existed for many years.” Ms. Schiff has done no such thing. Ms. Schiff wrote: “Recent changes in SFUSD administration will hopefully bode well for improvement here, but this is a major area of concern that will need watching.”

For clarification to readers who may be unaware of the depressing history: SFUSD’s Special Education Department leadership has changed five times in the last five years. SFUSD students receiving Special Education services suffer from this lack of continuity and stability. Until the Special Education Department has steady leadership – it will continue to be disorganized and systemic non-compliance will continue to exist.

Katy Franklin
Chair, SFUSD Community Advisory Committee For Special Education

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