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by on June 9, 2008

To the Editor:

You state: “Paul Hogarth graduated from UC Berkeley with a Political Science degree in May 2000. He was elected to the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board later that same year, got his J.D. at Golden Gate Law School in 2006, and is now a tenants’ rights attorney in San Francisco.”

Yes, it’s obvious that Paul majored in politics and became a lawyer. And he knows a little history. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know anything about rent control’s economic effects. Politically, supporting rent control keeps gutless politicians in office. Economically, it is a disaster.

As the speakers at the Conference on Prop 13 failed to mention Rent Control, Paul fails to mention its economic consequences. This does not surprise me. No one likes to write about disasters that they make a living off of.


Earl Rand
Culver City

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