Progressives and California Politics; Internecine Labor Strife; Jazz at Grace Cathedral …

by on June 4, 2009

To the Editor:

Right on, Randy! You really nailed it on the head. For too long, we’ve accepted wishy washy Democrats at the state level, and given promotions to people who don’t deserve them. Surely in a nation-state such as ours, we can do better than Gavin Newsom (aka Arnold 2.0) and bland politicians from a disgraced Legislature.

It’s time to stop complaining, and do the work and leave our progressive citadels like San Francisco and organize all over California to save what’s left of our state.

Greg Dewar
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Thanks, Randy, for continuing to provide insightful coverage on the continuing internal struggle in U.S. labor. It’s astonishing to me that the mainstream media has essentially bypassed this story, so it’s extra important to have independent reporters such as yourself providing people with this information.

Keep it up!

Eli Friedman

To the Editor:

I was at the jazz show at Grace Cathedral as a volunteer, and was similarly impressed. I recognized a few tunes, but can only definitively say that I remember hearing them play caravan together. Since I didn’t have a seat to call my own, I got to float around the cathedral and listen how the sound moved through the space. It was nothing short of amazing, and a recording could never do it justice. I saw a photographer moving about, and hope SFJAZZ is able to share photos of this fantastic evening.

Alex Lantsberg
San Francisco

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