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by on November 13, 2009

To the Editor:

Re: the film review of “Precious,”I am very sad that this type of stuff does happen to a lot of people. I am an alternative school teacher and a foster parent and I deal with the same thing with the schools and my students dealt with the same thing also. This is a very moving story and movie. It is about time that some one is speaking up for the ones that are scared!!!

Ricky Kearn

To the Editor:

My timing on getting help for my 93 year old mother can’t be worse. I’m waiting for a Medi-Cal appointment to be approved, so I can try to get her help in the home with bathing, dressing, cooking, eating and shopping. Now a gauntlet of background checks, fingerprinting time cards, service cuts, no optional benefits are all but freezing out her care hopes. Meanwhile, the legislature votes themselves pay increases, and their “special elite government health plans.” What can we do to halt this bureaucracy of fools from destroying our health support systems for the most vulnerable among us?

Al Bourdet

To the Editor:

I really encourage San Francisco politicians when they are in Washington D.C. to ride the wonderful METRO, so that they can have an idea of the beauty of Mass Transit which is directly lacking in this city. Washington D.C. METRO is a tourist attraction by itself.

We must lobby our politicians to block any fare increase for such an inefficient transit system like San Francisco’s. Just last week, I lost a day of wages and the risk of losing Medical coverage, since I need to work a specific number of shifts to qualify, due to MUNI’s delays. I waited 45 minutes at West Portal for my train.

It is an insult to throw billions of tax dollars at cars, failed banks, the military, but starve our Public Transit. MUNI and our politicians are so myopic to think that token payments of fares will salvage our dysfunctional transit. We the riders must raise our voices to possibly one day in the far future have a decent METRO for the next generation.

Nafiss Griffis
San Francisco

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