Praise for School Beat; More on SEIU-UHW and NUHW Conflict …

by on May 17, 2010

To the Editor:

Excellent article, once again, Lisa Schiff. Thank you for laying out this complicated and multi‑layered information in a clear and concise way that even my brain can understand. Thank you, too, for highlighting and emphasizing the importance of collaborative work and meaningful community engagement in all of this. We’ve all got to keep at it, and get more folks involved, too.

Michelle Jacques Menegaz
San Francisco

To the Editor:

You ask a lot of SEIU‑UHW and nothing from NUHW. Why should the former give so much to the latter? I wouldn’t support a union that gives to rivals without a corresponding return. I expect the union to look after MY interests, not the NUHW.

Sue Wael
San Francisco

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