Plight of Young Workers …

by on July 12, 2012

To the Editor:

How corporate America got away with the dismantling of unions in the 1980’s, I’ll never understand why the unions rolled over. The solution to poor worker wages and the plight of young workers is still and always has been organization and collective bargaining. Forget individual demands. Our government/corporate masters should be serving us. Not the other way around.

George Davis
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Thank you for stating the situation so clearly. As resident of a college town, with a nephew in college, I see the obscene reality of your words every day. Since the wealthy elite own our senators and congress members, it would be lovely if someone compiled and publicly posted the names and addresses of the “1%” so that we can focus our angry missives directly to the root.

JJ Noire
Berkeley, CA

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