Peskin and Prop A …

by on October 30, 2007


My understanding is that Don Fisher agreed not to campaign for Prop H but he did agree to stay on the sidelines regarding Prop A. The issue is muddled because, according to the Chronicle, Aaron Peskin refused to meet with him and didn’t even want to meet with his designated negotiator. Perhaps if Peskin hadn’t been so petulant the current confusion wouldn’t exist.

Remember that there was additional confusion with the Mayor’s office about parking, again involving Peskin.

I support your green goals but I am at a lost as to how you can expect people to just look the other way at Peskin’s behavior. He is your problem. You need to find a green champion with a maturity level that is higher than the average high school bully. It isn’t Peskin and that is your problem right now.

Paula Warren

P.S. Oh yes, Peskin also attempted to gut the city’s Department of the Environment because they opposed him on a fossil fuel burning plant within the city limits. And then he told Alioto-Pier that ‘payback is a bitch’. Are you starting to see the problem as to why people will vote against Prop A??

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