Pelosi: the Public Option is in Her Hands

by Paul Hogarth on March 15, 2010

Recently, Salon contributor Glenn Greenwald wrote a provocative piece that suggested Democrats only support a public option for health care if they’re sure that it’s not going to happen. If it wasn’t for Adam Green of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and bloggers at Firedoglake and the Huffington Post, the public option would have been dead months ago. Now, it appears (with no support from the White House) they have gotten 51 Senate Democrats on record to say they will vote for a public option via reconciliation. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin says he won’t allow amendments to the health care bill on the Senate floor, but would actively whip Senate passage of whatever is in the House version that Nancy Pelosi sends over. But Speaker Pelosi does not believe there are 51 votes in the Senate to pass a public option. As her constituents, it’s our job to tell her that’s unacceptable …

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