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by on December 14, 2010

To the Editor:

It was very disappointing to see that a lot of energy has been expended by some folks to frighten the residents of Parkmerced with misinformation about losing their homes. It is also apparent that many of the residents who turned out at the Planning Commission on Dec 9th knew nothing about the project. They didn’t learn anything that evening, either, which is sad.

City representatives from Planning, MTA and MOEWD as well as the sponsor’s architects were prevented from making presentations that would have at least have given these folks some basic information on the Parkmerced project. Besides being rude, this is a waste of City resources and is silly, inflammatory politics.The plain truth is that eliminating rent‑controlled housing in SF is illegal and accusing the sponsors of trying this does not make it true. No one will be displaced by this project or lose rent‑controlled housing.

There must be some other agenda at play in this game, because the City Attorney could put this canard to rest pretty quickly. The current Parkmerced development was built on the premise of suburban low‑density housing, abundant potable water for landscape irrigation and, above all, convenience for automobiles and drivers. It’s hard to imagine values more at odds with the challenges we face today.

Finally, it’s really disheartening that, yet again, residents on the westside of SF are fighting housing going into their neighborhoods with the expectation that it should be placed elsewhere, presumably east of Twin Peaks. This is a deeply ingrained cultural prejudice in SF and raises questions of simple fairness to other neighborhoods that are expected to absorb more than their share of the housing our City so badly needs.

Tim Colen
Executive Director
SF Housing Action Coalition

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