“Parking Legislation”

by on February 7, 2006

Dear Editor:

Casey Mills February 6th article “Parking Legislation sets Mayor, Board on Collision Course” implies that the mayors’ job is rubber stamp whatever the Board passes. I think he needs to be reminded that the Executive and Legislative branches of government are supposed to be co-equal and that the mayor has a right to veto any bill he deems harmful.

Mr. Mills is also incorrect when he stated that the mayor was not offering a “substantive alternative” to the Daly legislation. The mayor has repeatedly offered his support to Supervisor Alito-Pier’s parking legislation which will address the congestion issue in way that is far less harmful to the small, locally owned businesses downtown that would be hurt by Daly’s legislation.

Finally, Mr. Casey resorts to the same nonsensical rhetoric of demonizing downtown and the Chamber of Commerce. As somebody who volunteers with Chamber members, I can tell you that contrary to Mr. Casey’s diatribe; the vast majority of the Chamber’s membership is not the cigar-chomping, Enron-like executives looking to screw the poor in San Francisco but rather are small business owners who often live in the City. When you start looking at the business community as a partner rather then an enemy to be demonized, you’ll be surprised how many problems you can solve.

E.F. Sullivan
San Francisco

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