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by on May 5, 2009

Paul Hogarth:

You really did exactly what I said you would do: write a smear blog about me. Say, I will tell you I have over 3,000 Facebook friends – including you. But I never met you until you called me. Why so many? I told you – video viewership – but you didn’t want to hear it.

Also, no one said I claimed to “wine and dine” with Page Mill people — you made that up, so REMOVE it please. The simple fact that you didn’t ask me if that was true is proof that you knew it was a lie.

You also failed to mention that Tenants Together is being paid for their efforts. I was told by a friend of Andy Blue that he makes “pennies” for his work. What about you?

Zennie Abraham
Oakland, CA

PAUL HOGARTH RESPONDS: I double-checked with my source, who had previously told me Zennie was “wined and dined” by Page Mill Properties, and he explained it was not a literal quote from Mr. Abraham. I have since removed that statement, but the remainder of my article is accurate.

To the Editor:

All Andy Stern and SEIU care about is dues. When we tried to decertify and turned to Local 1 for help, they quashed all our efforts. They used our dues to work against us.

SEIU is all about dues, no representation. Ask anyone who works for the City and County of San Francisco.

Maggie Carmody

To the Editor:

Thank you for correcting the misinformation that has been spread about SEIU’s attempts to raid Unite Here. This fight is about the heart and soul of the labor movement. Should Andy Stern succeed, the passage of the EFCA will effectively be meaningless. Stern needs to learn from – not steal from – one of the most successful unions in the nation.

Jay Driskell

To the Editor:

SEIU’s inability to run a successful organizing campaign over the past few years has now forced it to attempt to feed off other unions while tens of thousands of public and hospital employees beg for unionization. Thoughtful, well researched union campaigns almost always result in a win for the workers. Those who labor continue to suffer while those alledgedly committed to helping the worker care more about their internal power than they do the worker. Leave UNITEHERE alone and get back to the business of organizing!

Jeanne Rollins

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