Our First Month

by on May 7, 2004

Today marks the end of our first month of publication. We appreciate the kind words we have heard from many readers and the quality product produced by our largely volunteer writing staff.

We stated in our first issue that Beyond Chron sought to cover issues ignored or distorted by the mainstream media, and particularly by the San Francisco Chronicle. To that end we were the first media outlet to publicize the wave of Ellis Act evictions sweeping the city, the first
to highlight the absence of Latinos on City Commissions, and the only media that has covered the non-implementation of Mayor Newsom’s 15% voluntary salary cuts (see today’s lead story).

We have also provided an alternative to the Chronicle’s biased and unfair coverage of the Department of Building Inspection, its defamation of the Tenderloin neighborhood, and its ongoing cover-up of the Bush Administration’s war against affordable housing.

We know we can do better. Many readers want a Letters to the Editors section and we have finally figured out how to do this. Our webmaster, the good Dr. Smith, has regularly revised our site to make it more readable and will continue to improve our technical features. We are recruiting new writers to increase our capacity to do interviews, cover
events and do investigative articles.

If you like what you see here, help spread the word by sending a notice about Beyond Chron to your address book. We appreciate hearing from those interested in writing for us, or who have story ideas. Its going to be a wild ride locally and nationally between now and November, and
we hope Beyond Chron can help readers make sense of our increasingly insane world.

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