Open Letter to Newsom, Pride Month…

by on June 11, 2007

Editor: This is an open letter to Mayor Newsom about his appointment of Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas “Tippy” Mazzucco to the Police Commission. Newsom praised Mazzucco’s work as both a deputy D.A. and as a prosecutor for the Justice Department’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task force.

Mayor Newsom,

You sure didn’t use local Democratic values for your Police Commission appointment. In the present climate of DEA raids of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, how does your new appointment fit in with the will of the people of San Francisco? You are a disgrace to this city and to your office.

Your spot on “Sarah and No Name After Dark” was nothing but disgusting. You are an elected Mayor of a World Class City, you shouldn’t be unbuttoning your shirt and showing your chest hairs on TV. Anyone who votes for you because you are “cute” should have their voting privileges revoked.

Your approval rating is only so high because many voters can’t see the real you, your photo-ops, your pretense of caring for the citizens of this city. Oh, wait, you do care, if they have lots of money. You have done absolutely nothing for the betterment of our city. Anyone who thinks you have is just being fooled by your PR team.

And your Task Force to find why African-Americans are leaving the city is a joke. I can’t believe the city paid good money to a demographer who said that “they are leaving because they are making more money and want to move to the suburbs to enjoy the middle-class lifestyle.” Hilarious! They are being driven out in droves by not being able to afford to live here. And if they can afford it and own their homes, they have to now fear Redevelopment taking those homes for their own interests.

This is not the City I moved to 37 years ago, and every day I fight and join the struggle to take back San Francisco from the likes of you. You and your ilk make me sick, seriously.


Terrie Frye

Dear Editor:

I’d like to second Chuck Tieuli’s suggestion that we honor the Drag Queens (and others) who stood up for their rights at the Stonewall in NYC on June 28, 1969. I’d also like to remind everyone that Stonewall was not the first such ‘rebellion.’ Many of us also remember The Compton Cafeteria Riots three years earlier right here in San Francisco.

“In 1966, the “Compton’s Cafeteria Riot” erupted in the streets of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, when a group described as transgender women and gay street hustlers fought back against police harassment. Rebellion broke out after a trans customer in the all-night cafe reportedly threw a cup of hot coffee in the face of a cop who was roughing her up. Transgenders and transsexuals threw sugar shakers through windows, overturned tables and torched a police cruiser.” (San Francisco Bay Times, March 23, 2006)

As in New York, here in San Francisco it was the most marginalized members of society who took the initiative to stand up to police brutality. We should remember and celebrate these important historical events because we still do not have anywhere near ‘equal’ rights even within the ‘queer’ community and because many in America would take back the freedoms we’ve won in the past 40 years. We still must learn to honor and support each other in our struggle.

Al Parso
San Francisco

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