One Year Anniversary of the Month of Love

by on February 11, 2005

Enough of the “political grandstanding” talk. Who cares?
Even if Newsom was just trying to get between the pages of
national magazines, so what???? It changed things for the better.
Newsom bucked the system for whatever reason and made drastic changes.

I don’t believe it “set us back” and I don’t believe it “got Bush elected”. It probably did contribute to the right wing backlash but they were looking for any and all excuses to add fuel their fear.

Bush really got elected because much of the U.S.; Republicans and Democrats, have stopped thinking for themselves and because people are so bored and nervous about their lives that something like Howard Dean squealing on stage becomes a reason to ditch him for a safe (and unelectable) party candidate.
The SF liberals decided to dub the concept of a 3rd party system wrong this year, too, in order to stay “safe” from the idiocy of rule under George Bush.

But it’s this “safety” that leaves us treading water in a calm ocean where the shore is just too far off to get to.
It’s the waves that get us there in our lifetime. The “conservative” Republicans know it and are already sitting there on shore, blithely sipping their victory cocktails, while some liberals just keep on treading, scared to make a move like Newsom did for fear of a “setback”. Its they who’ve become the conservative ones.

Let’s say it was a purely political move. Well, it left over 4,000 couples legally married, albeit for 6 months only, amazed and delighted at their own equal status, finally handed to them by Newsom. And that’s the way to make changes.
After the annulment of my marriage, I started to feel embarrassed that I’d gone to City Hall last February 14th. I heard from folks that I’d been suckered into a political ploy to make Newsom famous.

Well, after months more of reflection, I no longer care if it made him famous or if he did it for purely selfish reasons.
I’m proud as hell that I was part of that and thankful that he didn’t listen to the “too much, too soon” contingent and plunged in to make a huge wave.

I bet, come spring, the CA Supreme Court will rule in our favor and then not only will Newsom have got what he wanted, but my wife and I, and loving couples all over the country will have too.

Patricia Osage

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