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by on October 1, 2010

To the Editor:

The SF Chronicle has not been worth the ink it left on your fingers since Charles McCabe died.

David Tanner
Bakersfield, CA

To the Editor:

I am an American married to a former Canadian who became a U.S. citizen in 2000. He considered himself a conservative, and supported Bush on his first term, neutralizing my support for Al Gore. After 4 years of experiencing Republican control of U.S. policies, he became an ardent Democrat. We support Obama, and both thought that Stephen Colbert’s appearance before Congress was a momentous occasion, and hope that perhaps might have awakened some folks to the futility of our present immigration policy.

Doris Lowery
Oro Valley, AZ

To the Editor:

Lisa Schiff wrote: a call by Omar Khalif for students at schools like Marshall High, where the cuts are huge, to walk out until the “adults” fix it, although he did not discuss how he would fix it if he were on the board.

In response to above excerpt, yes you addressed the cuts were huge, this statement is misleading if you don’t tell them that the cuts were the college counselor, and three other staff whose name and position I couldn’t hear. Further, if you address all of the other issues stated early on you wouldn’t have to address an issue of staff being cut as an itemized issue. Also it’s pretty hard to address a complex situation in 1 minute. While it takes most people more then 1 minute to make up their minds at McDonalds and their menu has been the same for 50 years.

Omar Khalif
San Francisco
School Board candidate

To the Editor:

Tommi Avicolli-Mecca: I’ll say “Amen” to that!

Mary Anne Landers
Russellville, AR

To the Editor:

Don’t wafers need to be blessed (right before consumption) to transubstantiate (in a Catholic’s view)? If that’s the case, the wafers would have had to be knocked out of the priest’s hand?? Wow!

Debra Lesslie
Willits, CA

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