On Labor’s Revival; Even More on Ramon Cortines …

by on June 20, 2011

To the Editor:

Have labor scholars studied the loss of wages and benefits for the working population over the last 30 years and how this reduction might be tied to the loss of union membership over the same period? Workers complain about their wage loss, but somehow do not seem to recognize the relationship between the two … loss of income and loss of union representation. I would be interested to know if there have been such studies and by whom. I might add that I was a union member most of my working life and would have felt insecure without such representation.

Toby Levine
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Why do you defend someone who appears to have little interest in children’s health? Just because the current government rules state that “ketchup is a vegetable,” why does Ramon Cortines object to someone who questions that? You sound like someone who is a food industry lobbyist who doesn’t want the status quo upset.

Ed Reeder
Granite Bay, CA

To the Editor:

I enjoy watching the show! Finally,an issue that concerns me so much as a parent. I just do not understand how everywhere you go like Freshchoice or other restaurants; they do have healthy foods and the most important place our kids school where they spend most of their life can’t agree to provide healthy meals! Nutrition is so vital it has been proven that the lack of proper can affect brain development. As a parent this is a very personal and big issue that everyone should be concern about.

Josie Menendez
San Jose, CA

To the Editor:

LAUSD can say bad things about Jamie Oliver. But when I was in school at LAUSD, I worked in the cafeteria for years and I can say all the food was made fresh on campus. Now who knows what is in the food, no more salad bar, but pieces of chicken stuck together with chicken fat and called chicken nuggets of which I wouldn’t feed my cat. You know they stress excercise but feed the kids crap. You remove soda but keep chicken pieces. If you have nothing to hide you should allow Jamie in to show what the kids are really eating. I had 3 children that couldn’t eat the food and would sometimes just not eat the food at the schools. That isn’t healthy either. I SAY THE BOARD MEMBERS SHOULD EAT THE LUNCHES FOR A WEEK. SHOW US THEY AREN\’T AFRAID.

Mary Coates
Reseda, CA

To the Editor:

I grew up in San Pedro, California. I only left the Los Angeles district because I got married and my husband is from Massachusetts. I just read your article and I can not believe how absolutely biased it is. You have put Mr. Cortines on such a high pedestal that I believe you have absolutely missed the point.

When I was a child, the food was better. I used to work in the cafeteria in my elementary school. The meals wer for nutritional. For Mr. Cortines to single handily say he is in charge, defeats the purpose of a Board Committee. He is/was the superintendent (which is a position/title) not the last word on everything. I am not a journalist (as you are) but if I were, I would be neutral in writing an article and not be so bias.

I say shame on you and I’m estatic that Mr. Cortines is no longer the superintendent. CHANGE IS GOOD…stay in the past and noone prospers, especially the children. Now the children in Los Angeles have a chance. Obesity is a problem. Get over looking bad on tv and focus on the children.

Catalina Gonzalez
Watertown, MA

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