On Ed Lee Running for Mayor …

by on August 3, 2011

To the Editor:

Mayor Ed Lee running for election in November shouldn’t cause so much panic among the ranks of Democratic Party political machine operatives in San Francisco. It’s 2011, for goodness’ sake, (good old) boys! Let’s get real, guys!

Let’s hope that the machine operatives are not panicking just because Mayor Ed Lee is an Asian American individual. Each candidate should be evaluated on the merits and strengths of her or his qualifications, integrity, and competence, and not on how deeply she or he is in the pockets of political party machinery operatives and interest groups.

Anh Le
San Francisco

To the Editor:

San Francisco can no longer be a training ground for novice politicians. We need a Mayor that has experience navigating thru the political maze up in Sacramento snd in Washington, DC. These times are so hard and money is totally dried up in Cities that do not have the political connections to lobby and make sure their City is not left holding a big ZERO or next to it. After all the money is divided up between the Veteran Politicians the rest trickles down to the new booties like Mayor Ed Lee, who is happy just to be sitting with the veteran players. RUN ED RUN FAR AWAY! Police shootings, protests, low moral in the City under your temporary watch. BYE!

Wasimah Asad
San Francisco

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