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by on April 5, 2010

To the Editor:

Olympia Dukakis and Marco Marricelli are great actors, and even better when they are together. They have done many plays together. They just have this certain chemistry that clicks. Good article. Thanks.

Elise Williams
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I don’t care if Sarah Palin decides to run … I think it’s rather amusing myself. If she does, she’ll lose severely anyway. And I even say that as the Mom of a son with Down Syndrome. Her son is only, what, a little over a year old, and she comes across now as some sort of ‘guru’ in the field of Down Syndrome and other differently-abled folks? Puleeze … she still has absolutely no idea what her son’s ongoing needs will be … I can tell her that from lots of experience, much more than her!

Barb Delorme
Tacoma, WA

To the Editor:

I currently work for Kaiser Walnut Creek, and am a member of SEIU-UHW. I can honestly say I speak for a lot of my co‑workers when I say we are very confused about what is going on. NUHW has approached me personally asking me to advocate for their cause, because they need someone articulate and in the hospital. I have not taken any sides, because I am unclear as are many of my co‑workers are by the ongoing fight between these two unions. It is a bit embarrassing to admit the confusion, but I would be grateful for any independent insight.

Yvette Conrard
Emeryville, CA

To the Editor:

Under Ms. Rijio’s KPFA management regime – including former “interim” Program Director Sasha Lilly, department heads, a senior staff clique and their Concerned Listener (CL) allies on the Board – the gains of the Free Pacifica and listener democracy movements, the established democratic institutions and power centers at KPFA were obstructed, subverted or shut down:

(1) the Program Council (PC) was reduced to advisory status, then dissolved;

(2) the Unpaid Staff Organization (USPO) was de-recognized;

(3) Local Station Board (LSB) meetings reduced to bi-monthly, working committees dissolved, proceedings controlled or stalemated by CL reps to prevent effective action or changes, and the few productive resolutions were ignored by management;

(4) LSB elections are corrupted by management-CL symbiosis, manipulations and interventions over the authority and requirements of election supervisors and the Pacifica National Board (PNB), including restriction of candidate air time and election information to voters and a website letter by then acting Pacifica director Dan Siegel denouncing candidate statements critical of CL http://www.berkeleydailyplanet.com/issue/2008-01-11/article/28910?headline=Commentary-KPFA-Election-Violated-Rules-and-Bylaws

Further, the new Pacifica bylaws democratic process and boards are subjected to on air attacks and other media hit pieces, most recently on the KPFA News and by BeyondChron editor Randy Shaw. Here I’ll summarize the critical talking and editorial points of former GM Rijio’s supporters and access them with some facts, background and observations.

Bob English
Vallejo, CA

To the Editor:

You guys have had the story wrong for ten years. There was NO – I repeat NO “planned corporate takeover” of the station in 1999. You were duped then, and you still can’t seem to untangle the lies. In 1999, the staff and Board of Directors were ALL legal hires, ALL functioning within their legal roles and responsibilities. The Board and many of the managers in the network were trying to fix the very same problems that exist today. Instead of solve the problems, a group of hysterical so-called “empowered listeners” took the network down with malicious lawsuits. Your publication has never gotten the story right.

Nalini Lasiewicz
Los Angeles

To the Editor:

I love this article! My daughter is a paranoid schizophrenic who graduated from Lowell High School 8 years ago. A lovely, gifted girl who’s now incarcerated in Patton State mental hospital ‑‑ a prison, for all intents and purposes ‑‑ on a ‘competency’ hold: another very ill person who had to get to a felony assault charge to get something resembling help. I just love Mary Kate Connor’s comment: “You can’t tell us there is no money in this City. There is a lot of money in this City.” (I worked for the San Francisco Unified School District for years; you want to see a huge, huge waste of money? that’s the place to start.) But thank you! People like my daughter NEED hospitals ‑‑ proper hospitals, not prisons like where my girl is now. Shame on the state of California; double helping of shame for Newsom.

Rozelle Trizuto
San Francisco

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