Obama’s Failure to Help Unions; Mother Teresa Tribute; Holding BP Accountable …

by on June 15, 2010

To the Editor:

Unions should not rely on the politicians to solve labor issues. Organized labor must confront the enemy heads on in order to show power. But the issue that confronts us today is the infighting among union within AFL-CIO or Change To Win Federations. SEIU in particular made a tremendous mistake is putting the biggest healthcare SEIU-UHW Local Union into trusteeship forcibly. The American Labor Movement is so divided because power-hungry career trade unionists in the like of Andy Stern have made unions like their own corporations.

Andres Bonifacio
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I am beginning to lose heart over Obama. Can you expect any support from him after SEIU gave sixty million dollars to his campaign?

See Obama Rolls Back Union Disclosure; Gives Green Light to Corruption. Andy Stern and Anna Burger quietly disappeared from the limelight after SEIU’s LM2 report has been submitted. Andy Stern spent 32% and Anna Burger spent 20% their time in political activities. They broke a federal law. Is President Obama in their payroll too?

Alfred De Guzman
San Francisco

To the Editor:

You are an idiot!! Mother Teresa was a fine woman who deserves to be honored along with all the others honored in the past. The Empire State building is viewed by a wide variety of New Yorkers with various viewpoints. It doesn’t matter if you agree with her religion or her political platform — she was an icon who helped countless people. This is the 100th not just any milestone. Malkin should do the right thing.

Joe Ellener
Morristown, NJ

To the Editor:

Good article about Mother Teresa. I wish more people would point out how badly this so-called “saint” treated not only the poor, but the nuns who worked for her.

Robert Rovegno
New York

To the Editor:

Please tell me which “best” doctors in New York did Mother Theresa consult for herself. I was part of a long term care pharmacy that served her community of Sisters in New York, and I don’t recall any visit of Mother to any of “the best” doctors. I do know that she and her Sisters would wait in line for many services, like the poorest of the poor.

Tony Cuseo
Delray Beach, FL

To the Editor:

Where did all the donations to Mother Teresa go? Her order always refused to publish any audit. The primitive hospice in Calcutta was as run down when she died as it always had been. A 1994 article in Lancet, the prestigious British medical journal, by a physician who visited her Missionaries of Charity clinic in Calcutta was very critical of the quality of care dispensed there.

Critics in India have long wondered why she never managed to build a decent hospital anywhere in Calcutta. Mother Teresa said that she wanted to die like the poor in her home for the dying destitute in Kalighat (a locality of Calcutta). Yet, she preferred California clinics when she got sick herself such as the Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California. These clinics are outside the reach of 99% of India’s population. See generally the February 1998 Deposition “Mother of All Myths” of Aroup Chatterjee before the committee for beatification / canonization of Mother Teresa.<www.deeshaa.org/deposition-mother-of-all-myths>

Ralph E. Stone
San Francisco

To the Editor:

RE. “Media Gets Politics of BP Oil Spill Completely Wrong” (BeyondChron, June 4, 2010), President Obama stated today (June 14), “I am confident that we’re going to be able to leave the Gulf Coast in better shape than it was before.” Has the President consulted with marine biologists and scientists?

This oil spill continues to destroy marine life and habitat of the Gulf Coast and the region’s entire eco system. It will inevitably spill over into the Atlantic Ocean and the other oceans and bodies of water that we share on our fragile planet. The ongoing destruction caused by BP’s oil spill will last for generations.

I appreciate President Obama’s efforts to address the tragedy of the oil spill, and to cast an optimistic spell for the American people. However, standing with the residents of the Gulf Coast states, we need to remind President Obama and the U.S. government to hold BP accountable for its willful negligence that led to the spill, and to demand that BP pay every single dime!

Anh Le
San Francisco

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