Obamacare & the 2012 Election; More on State of Black San Francisco …

by on October 25, 2011

To the Editor:

I did not even bother reading your post about how ObamaCare could be the pathway to getting the Big 0 (that’s for ZERO) re-elected because it made me so angry. I am one of the working class people whose income is too high to get Medicaid under ObamaCare and therefore would be forced to pay for private medical insurance that purports to be coverage. I looked at it in detail and the level of subsidy for me and family is not enough.

I do not like commentators who have not really looked at how the low subsidies for the working class leave us in the position of making forced insurance payments that are too high. There are already millions of people who are behind on their house payments and who are wondering whether they will be foreclosed upon. By 2014 this economy will almost certainly not be in recovery. Forcing the working class to pay for private insurance with an inadequate insurance subsidy will lead to even more foreclosures. I hope that the Supreme Court overturns the mandate next year.

I am tired of Democrats whose first allegiance is to the large corporations who create programs that give the 99% a few crumbs. Don’t tell me that possible repeal of ObamaCare is a reason to vote for our President.

Chris Darling
Richmond, CA

To the Editor:

This story is nothing but recycled agit-prop of the same old, same old intellectually bankrupt nonsense of the self-appointed black leaders, so-called, of San Francisco.

First of all, there was no black community here before WW2. Less than 4,000 blacks lived in SF before 1940. After the Japanese-Americans were shipped off to concentration camps by the sainted libs, Earl Warren and FDR, the blacks took their places in the Fillmore and Western Addition. They were only there for 25 years before bulldozed out by the libs’ urban renewal scam. The famous ‘Negro Removal. The Hunter’s Point district was created during the war by the military. It was a monstrous, sprawling ugly development to begin with and turned into a crime ridden cesspool after the war.

As one who lived for decades in SF and Oakland, I’m tired of the racist black leaders blaming everyone but themselves for their plight. Who do they think is doing all the killings and committing all the crimes in their communities ? The condescending coverup by the white left is no favor to blacks. If blacks can improve their situation by moving out of SF, Oakland and LA in droves more power to them. If certain political ward heelers do not benefit, that’s better news yet.

Al Blue
Ukiah, CA

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