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by on September 30, 2010

To the Editor:

Paul Hogarth wrote an excellent and informative analysis – as always – on why we’re mad at Obama. Michael Lerner’s Chronicle op-ed also made many of the same points.

Buck Bagot
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I think Paul Hogarth hits one of the deepest nails on the head in his 9/29 piece “The Trouble With Obama’s Rolling Stone Interview” when he really raises the issue of the trouble with President Obama in general. Hogarth says we expected more of a fight by Obama for progressive values. Coincidentally, Rabbi Michael Lerner raised similar questions in his op-ed in the Chronicle today, and Gary Trudeau in a Doonesbury cartoon a few days ago pointed to Obama’s lack of fight when his staff had to hide the chill pills!

But what would be the single most important reform Obama or any president could initiate? How about the fundamental redistribution of wealth under the law? In a WBEZ interview a few years ago when he was state senator, Obama discussed it and while it appears WBEZ lost it, we can thank the right wingnuts for preserving it, link, here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iivL4c_3pck

But once again, Obama chilled about real change to douse the waters of extreme economic modern day capitalist servitude on Main Street while through slight of hand and hocus pocus Wall Street execs are making out like bandits under the tax code.

Dave Schneider
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Thanks for your article re: Granada shooting. My mother lives there, and was in the building when the police swarmed. I’ve been poring through websites and have been dumbfounded by the lack of coverage of this shooting. I can only surmise that it’s either the neighborhood or there is an awful lot of crime in SF. Thank you for questioning this! Keep on asking the questions!

Katherine Long
Richmond, VT

To the Editor:

Right on, Randy! As a true Tenderloin resident, even though it is on the “fringe” on Eddy at Polk.

Gerry Richards
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Thanks to San Francisco’s liberal / progressive policies over the past few years, the demarcation line of the Tenderloin has moved northward from Ellis St. to California st … Seven blocks … Not bad …. Job well done.

Randy Fleming

To the Editor:

Just because Robert Cruickshank is a Democratic Party partisan doesn’t mean that Beyond Chron can’t get beyond the San Francisco Chronicle and at least mention that the ‘debate’ between Carly Fiorina and Barbara Boxer was a sham because it excluded the other four candidates and that at least two of those candidates should be considered for an endorsement: Marsha Feinland of the Peace & Freedom Party, Gail Lightfoot of the Libertarian Party, Duane Roberts of the Green Party, and Edward Noonan of the American Independent Party.

Pablo B.
Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

I think you really don’t know the legal systems, because I do and when a contract is made up between two private parties, it is legal. But when someone else like NUHW that is raiding your union, the same people that stole your dues and training funds. If they win, there will be no contract at all — so I think you should read up on labor laws quickly and as of the court date with the NLRB that case is based truly on admin judge just to hear if you have a case, so wake up my friend once a thief always a thief so if you join NUHW your funds will be stolen again and don’t come crying to SEIU because they warned you.

Allan Smyth
Brooklyn, NY

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